Anon's bitcoin blockchain analysis 0.1

A collection of charts you probably haven't seen anywhere else. May they give you sight into what's going on. Data is presented in 1 hour points, showing the previous 14 days. Charts update every ~15 minutes if there are new blocks, no need to refresh the page.

General chart
Price action with total BTC transferred through the blockchain.

Exchange action charts
Exchanges deposits (red) & withdrawals (green). Addresses are tagged internally as exchanges if their transactions seem... exchangey. Therefore these charts are far from 100% accurate.

Transaction groups
Total BTC transferred in different transaction groups, it's a bit of a mess, but you can click the names on the legend to toggle.

Additional data

There are no proper UI options for this, but you can use url parameters for a bit more insight, there's a total of 2 months back of data. If you require more, please contact me.

  • start - expects to see a date in DD-MM-YYYY format, eg 2018-05-09 (undershooting is fine, it'll just get the earliest available date)
  • end - expects to see a date in DD-MM-YYYY format, eg 2018-12-01 (overshooting is fine, it'll just get the latest available date)
  • hours - candle size, for example setting this to 4 will present the data in 4 hour candles, 24 for 1 day candles, etc
  • maSize - length of MA, default is 14
  • maType - type of MA, valid values are EMA and SMA
Using all of the parameters, simply enter this in the URL, and adjust as needed:

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