Anon's bitcoin blockchain analysis 0.2

A collection of charts you probably haven't seen anywhere else. May they give you sight into what's going on. Data is presented in 2 hour points, showing the last 60 days. Charts update every ~15 minutes if there are new blocks, no need to refresh the page.

General chart
Price action with total BTC transferred through the blockchain.

Exchange action charts
Exchanges deposits (red) & withdrawals (green). Addresses are tagged internally as exchanges if their transactions seem... exchangey. Therefore these charts are far from 100% accurate.

Transaction groups
Total BTC transferred in different transaction groups, it's a bit of a mess, but you can click the names on the legend to toggle.

Technical chart
Various technical data, it's a bit of a mess, you are meant to disable things. A note on blocks count, daily ideal number is 144 (a day, or 12 per 2 hours), less could mean mining power going down, more could mean mining power going up, but there are much clearer charts that display that, like at good ol Bitcoin wisdom. "Transaction complexity" is just a sum of all inputs & outputs of all transactions.

Additional data

There are no proper UI options for this, but you can use url parameters for a bit more insight, there's a total of 2 months back of data. There's over 2 years in daily data points with these paremeters. If you're already there and a bit lost, this will take you back.

  • start - expects to see a date in DD-MM-YYYY format, eg 2016-09-20 (undershooting is fine, it'll just get the earliest available date)
  • end - expects to see a date in DD-MM-YYYY format, eg 2028-12-01 (overshooting is fine, it'll just get the latest available date)
  • hours - candle size, for example setting this to 4 will present the data in 4 hour candles, 24 for 1 day candles, etc
  • maSize - length of MA, default is 14
  • maType - type of MA, valid values are EMA and SMA
Here's an example of how using the parameters looks, you're smart you can figure it out: